IV drug errors


Emily Jerry Foundation

The Emily Jerry Foundation has been established on the premise that each and every child born into this world is truly a miracle. With that thought in mind, we believe that every child on this planet should be treated and cared for as such. Every baby that is born is truly a gift from God! The core of the Emily Jerry Foundation focuses on protecting our nation's babies and children from the all too redundant medical errors that keep occurring over and over again in hospitals across the nation. These countless mistakes are killing our children and are most often avoidable. We are increasing public awareness of these issues and striving to get better legislation in place across the United States. The Emily Jerry Foundation is helping to save countless lives, as well as, make our world-renowned medical facilities much safer.

Quaid Foundation

-- now part of Safety Leaders/TMIT

The Quaid Foundation was formed by Dennis and Kimberly Quaid in 2007 after hospital personnel administered an overdose of heparin, a blood thinner, to their 12-day-old twins, putting their lives at great risk. As of April 12, 2010, The Quaid Foundation has merged with TMIT. The Quaid family joined forces with TMIT to raise public awareness about our broken medical system, to eliminate human error, and to make caregivers aware that patients have the right to know all information that could have an impact on their health and well-being, with major focus on increasing awareness of the dangers of medication errors.

Texas Medical Institute of Technology

The Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT) is a medical research organization, founded in 1984, dedicated to accelerating performance solutions that save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve and ventures we undertake. TMIT applies the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) design principles of patient-centeredness, evidence-based medicine, and systems performance improvement. Over the last year, Dennis Quaid and TMIT have been actively involved in a number of other initiatives that have global reach and impact including a Discovery Channel documentary on medical mistakes (featuring Dennis Quaid), "Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm"